Monday, November 2, 2009

Has NASCAR Lost Its Expletive Deleted Mind????

Here is a quote from Joe Menzer's article posted on

"how long does NASCAR think the healthy approachto any of its problems is to say they 'have long believed in having an independent media' and that 'debate is great for any sport'-- and then have a highly placed executive from its governing bodypublicly call for the firing of a trio of broadcasters who criticize their sport?"

The trio of broadcasters Menzer refers to are Dr. Jerry Punch, Andy Petree, and Dale Jarrett.

If NASCAR wants them fired, I can only imagine what they might do to Ryan Newman for his outspokenness.

Paging Dr. Black to the Big Yellow Hauler. The NASCAR execs need serious help.

(For those who don't know, Dr. Black(or Code Black) is hospital lingo for trouble on the psychiatric ward.)


  1. The best part is the media isnt even independent! I cant tell you all the things I wanted to write for Foxsports and couldnt, and I was the one they were "using" to say the things Lee Spencer couldnt!

    Independent my arse...NASCAR is losing face on many many fronts.

  2. That new rule caused Ryan Newman's crash. Max Papis was the first car to break off or let up from the front pack on the high grove with a car behind him, Tony checked up as well. Robby Gordon was bump drafting Ambrose and they had a run up to Ryan as they would have cause they are aloud to bump draft in the section of track.

    How they didn't have more crashes from cars in the middle who where still bump drafting having cars in front cheking up to stay off going in to the turn shows how great all of them did to go that long with out crashing.

    Blogs say it from the heart and NASCAR has all ways had control of what it is said, cause if you talked them down your media passes seem to get lost at the next track.


  3. you're assuming NASCAR had a mind to lose in the first place, SB :P

  4. Don't forget Brad Daugherty. As the cars 'raced' single file he said, "I don't want to see this."

    Can't believe they want to fire DJ or Punch...two total a$$ kissers for NASCAR. Can't believe how DJ has bowed down to them. Petree does slip up and actually tell the truth now and then.

  5. A mind is a serious thing to lose. LOL BTW, if you're in big store, and you hear "Paging Mrs. O'Reily", walk quietly to the nearest exit... Mrs, O'Riley is code for FIRE!

  6. One of these days NASCAR will stop shooting their selves in the foot but by then there will not be any fans left.

    It is quite common knowledge that NASCAR does dictate what the drivers can say and they do take revenge. It can also be assumed they control what the media can write too as Klvalus has quietly hinted. With an operation like that and the power they possess, does dictatorship come to mind? Does getting off the NASCAR band wagon come to mind? Does driver union organiation come to mind? Oh I forgot. The drivers are brain washed that they need NASCAR. NASCAR doesn't need them. I think that should be the other way around.

  7. My hairy friend said it all. NASCAR needs fans. But, more and more fans are tuning out. If I have a choice between watching a ALMS or Cup race, I'm going with the cool cars, and multiple car classes in one race. American Lemans series is a lot more fun for me to watch. Of course, I'm only speaking for myself, and I didn't feel this way until after the COT debuted.