Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Ok- the beagle is in serious need of help. She is in a competition on the SHR fan site for the door from the car that Tony raced at Michigan in August(it will be signed). Each week she gets points for correctly picking the top three drivers in the race and a chase driver to finish in the top 3., and at the end of the Chase, the top 25 players will be entered into a drawing for the swag. Up until now it's been pretty easy- JJ in the top three and as the bonus pick. That strategy has vaulted her from 168th at the beginning of the Chase to 11th following Martinsville.

The problem is who to pick for Talledega. Jimmie normally does not fare well at the track, and it is such a wild card. Right now, my thoughts are Tony Stewart, Kevin Harvick, and Jamie McMurray with Harvick as the bonus Chase driver.

What are your thoughts?


  1. How soon do you need to pick?

    Can it wait until Dwindy1, Kristen and Athens choose who we think will win? Once that's known... DON'T PICK THOSE DRIVERS! LOL

    Really now, Harvick and McMurray are good choices based on past performances on the long tracks... Maybe Tony too...

    In the Long Track Championship this season (after 10 races and only Talladega to go), here are the top five finishers:
    1. Kevin Harvick averaging 4.8 on finishes...
    2. Tony Stewart - 9.4
    3. Denny Hamlin - 10.6
    4. Carl Edwards - 11.0
    5. Jeff Burton - 12.7

    The top five at Talladega last spring:
    1. Kevin Harvick
    2. Jamie McMurray
    3. Juan Pablo Montoya
    4. Denny Hamlin
    5. Mark Martin

    FYI... JJ is averaging 15.6 on long track finishes and finish in 31st last spring at Talladega...

    Hope that helps a little...

  2. Look for Hamlin to finish top-3.... although, Talladega is a crap shoot.

    Good luck, Speedy!

  3. Dwindy- I have until midnight Saturday to make it official.

    The most important pick is the Bonus Driver. You get 100 points for picking a Chase driver to finish in the top 3. Up until now, that one has been a no brainer-Jimmie(ok- I'll admit that last week I picked Denny. Jimmie had just been cutting it too close for comfort). Right now I have Harvick as my bonus driver, but I'm concerned that Jeff Gordon or one of the Busch brothers could sneak in there.

  4. SB, there should be some kind of violation in that offensive remark he just made about Kristen and myself! Let me tell you something, Mr. Dwindy!!! I've made some pretty good choices this year and I forfeited one race to keep from having a tie breaker with a certain Kyle FAN!!! Jamie Mac has won 3 pretty big races this year. Joey, Brad K. and Austin Dillon are winners of a few, too!

  5. Ah, I would bet against Kurt - something is off with that them, he can pull off top 10 but not top 5 (maybe I just reverse jinxed him). Kyle might sneak in but he has few friends out there. Harvick would be my pick but might not get any teammate help either after last week.

    I'd go with Smoke, Harvick and Hamlin as your Chase pick. GOOD LUCK!

  6. I'd go with Harvick, McMurray, and Montoya with Harvick as your Chase driver. I see Denny being shuffled back near the end of the race and finishing mid-teens, JJ finishing around 22nd.

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