Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Childress v Busch WAS a Fair Fight

Now, before everyone gets their knickers in a twist, read on. I am not going to debate whether Kyle bumped Joey Coulter after the CWTS race, nor am I going to discuss the punishments handed down. What I am going to discuss is the media's perception that because Richard Childress is an owner and Kyle Busch is a "driver", it was somehow an unfair fight.

Notice that I put quotes around the word driver; I did that for a reason. Had RC come after Kyle following the Darlington Cup race or after a Nationwide race, then I would agree that there existed a disparity of status between the two. I might even agree if Kyle had been driving for another owner in the CWTS; however, this altercation came after a CWTS race in which Kyle was driving the #18, and on every entry list I've ever seen, no matter who was driving the #18, Kyle Busch is listed as the OWNER. That, as far as I'm concerned, places him on equal footing with Childress.

So let's stop looking at this as the big bad owner beating up on the lowly little driver. It wasn't. Instead it was a case of one business owner having a very public disagreement with another. Things like this happen all the time in the business world; they just don't get national press coverage.


  1. Hi SB!

    Irregardless of who was what, Kyle happens to be on probation due to an incident with RC's 29 driver. RC clearly tried to goad Kyle into a suspension with a premeditated attack...

  2. Even if owner v. owner problem I have with it is RC *knew* Kyle couldnt hit back b/c on probation. Lots of fans promoting "let them duke it out like the old days" well in the old days one party wasnt on probation...too me its an old man picking on someone with their hands tied. Perhaps the perfect set up.

  3. So, owner vs owner fisticuffs is okay?

    I guess that's why there was no penalty for J Gordon vs J Burton last year... Gordon is part owner of the 48.

    NASCAR suspended owner, Carl Long, indefinitely for an engine .12" over specs. But an owner attacking a driver (or another owner) is perfectly fine.

    I agree with Kristen, RC thought he could knock Kyle out... of the Chase.

  4. So both were looked at by NASCAR as "members of NASCAR" and NASCAR brass at least according media on twitter did not specify whether roles were of owners/drivers just that they were "members of the sport"

    Take that for whatever its worth (nothing!) LOL