Thursday, June 25, 2009

What Goes On In The Hallowed Halls Of NASCAR???

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Daytona Beach- The CoT. We want drivers to show some passion. Shut up and drive the car. Penalties given to one team for infactions on and off the track. No penalties given to another team for committing the same infractions. It's enough to keep Sprint Cup teams and drivers thoroughly confused and fans asking "what the **** is NASCAR thinking?"

So exactly what goes into the NASCAR decision making process? Beagle News Network was given unprecedented access to the inner workings of NASCAR including how NASCAR decides everything from what penalties will be handed down to which tracks will be awarded race dates for the upcoming season and everything in between.

NASCAR corporate meetings are not much different from any other corporation in America. On the appointed day at the appointed time, NASCAR's various division heads and competition directors meet at NASCAR headquarters to discuss the issues facing the sanctioning body and the sport of stock car racing. That's where the similarities end.

Once everyone is assembled and the conference room doors are closed, Brian France goes to a special cabinet , unlocks the door, and pulls out a small box. The box is placed on the conference table and opened, revealing the oracle that will make all of NASCAR's decisions.

the NASCAR oracle
One by one, those assembled pose their questions, and the oracle gives its answers. When all questions have been answered (or tabled for a later meeting), the oracle is placed back in its box and returned to its cabinet. During race weekends, the oracle is kept locked in a safe inside the NASCAR hauler ready to make those all important decisions like was a driver speeding on pit road or is it time to throw a caution for debris.


  1. I'm pretty sure there's a crystal ball on the shelf below this too, SB :P

  2. Tez-

    Not to mention a Ouija board :o).